Dr. Jose Luis Solleiro Rebolledo

Dr. Solleiro is Senior Research at the Institute of Engineering of the National University of Mexico, Co-ordinator of CamBioTec, the Canada-Latin America Initiative of Biotechnology for Sustainable Development. Furthermore, he is Director General of AgroBIO Mexico, the association of
the Mexican Agricultural Biotechnology Industry founded by Aventis Crop Science, DuPont, Monsanto, Pulsar International and Syngenta. In addition, Dr. Solleiro is Professor of Management of Technological Innovation in the MBA program at UNAM's School of Management.

Dr. Solleiro has been involved in numerous consulting projects for Mexican companies and institutions, as well as for international organisations and companies. In Mexico, he has lead several studies concerning Technology strategies and management for companies including: Aceros, S.A.; Ingenieria Industrial, S.A., Pharm Yeast; Industrias Resistol; Kemfuds; Proquisa, ProBioMed; Union de Credito de Jimenez and GHM Papel. He has also lead studies for the following public institutions: Consejo Consultivo de Ciencias; Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud; Gerencia General de Biologicos y Reactivos; Laboratorios Nacionales de Fomento Industrial; Senado de la Republica; Ministry of Agriculture; Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo and CONACYT.

He has worked with foreign institutions including: ENTEL-Peru, INDETEC-Costa Rica, INTI-Argentian, Corporacion BIOTEC (Colombia), the National University of Colombia, Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), Fundacyt-Ecuador, FONDEF-Chile, Canadian International Development Agency and CENARGEN-Brazil. He has also been a consultant to the following international organisations: World Intellectual Property Organisation, UNIDO, UNDP, OAS, Interamerican Institute for Co-operation in Agriculture,
OECD Development Centre, International Development Research Centre and CYTED Program.

Dr. Solleiro is the recipient of National University Award for Young Researchers in the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences (1992), Silva Herzog Award for Economics Research (1994) and he is a Member of the National System of Researchers on the area of Engineering and Technology.