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World Trade University
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The World Trade University (WTU) is created to define, shape and influence the most timely issues of trade; to promote rule-based trade; and to facilitate a mechanism for human resources and institutional capacity building by engaging professionals in and practitioners of trade from least developed, developing, emerging economies and developed countries for better management of globalization thus enhancing shared prosperity. Among numerous benefits, "the idea [of WTU] is intriguing" and as "we are wrestling with the best way of meeting the need for trade related capacity building, we view this proposal [of WTU] as a very thoughtful approach to the subject", said The Honorable John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Canada.

This applied learning Organization will emphasize on macro and micro trade in the new economy to enhance local capacity to prepare countries to take better advantage of rule-based trade and provide an effective learning forum between multilateral agencies, governmental bodies, private sector and professionals in the field of trade, finance, investment and e-Commerce.

The WTU is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and is in the process of simultaneously delivering programs at World Trade University in Beijing and Shanghai (both Universities will be the subsidiaries of the Toronto based global headquarters). The WTU would begin its formal program delivery in 2003 in Canada and China. From 2004 onward we will begin delivering programs in South America, Africa, East Europe, the US and Australia through WTU joint campuses with existing universities. Numerous institutions in over ten countries, geographically well distributed throughout the world, have been identified to have joint campuses.

Global partnerships are in the making and they may include the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Global Compact (the Executive Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations), UNCTAD, UNDP, ITC, York University, PANICARO Foundation, International Business Leaders Forum, Foundation for Tomorrow's Leaders, University of Denver, Investors Relations Magazine and Bank of Montreal. We are also in active dialogue with the WTO, World Bank, CDC IXIS North America, UNIDO and WIPO for possible partnerships. Furthermore we look forward to partnerships with Institutions in France, United Kingdom and Germany.

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